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We started the journey with ActiveViam three years ago and we are looking forward to continuing our client relationship and expanding our use of its technology." We’re excited to see the product’s evolution. We were pleased to attend the ActiveViam Connect 2022 event to see the CTO and the R&D team demonstrate many new features, like the Python API, which we are planning to implement in the future.

Amit Sudharshan, CTO at RCM

Fast and furious: How High-Frequency Trading Fund finds & tests new trading strategies

Control Your Forecast Risk More Accurately in Real Time.

We provide traders and portfolio managers with the ability to perform train-of-thought analysis on the most complex datasets – by helping to aggregate, organize, and visualize the data in one platform instantaneously.
Introducing “DirectQuery” for Atoti

DirectQuery enables the data modeling, analysis and visualization capabilities of Atoti on terabytes of data, without the need to load them in memory. Why is ActiveViam's DirectQuery design better than others? We can seamlessly combine the two modes for a unified experience:
  • Precisely choose which part of the data should be loaded in memory for sub-second queries.
  • Enables a unified experience to analyze both historical and real-time data.

Did you know you can easily integrate an external portfolio optimizer with Atoti to perform a benchmarking comparison on your equities portfolio?

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